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2015-04-01 17:38

With the call center business contact for people has been widely recognized, the call center brings convenience has appeared in every aspect of our lives. And it was followed by the demand for call center related equipment, as a professional in the business of call center headset shopping guide customers often encountered some confusion on the optional. Here say briefly a few questions I have often encountered: 
A, what is the call center phone headset?
Phone headset also called seat headset or telephone headset. Single-ear headphones, the headphone earpiece and boom sound guide tube. In the head-mounted main and auxiliary wear a variety of ways, such as ear hook and ear hanging like. The main purpose is to replace the hands handset liberation of staff, allowing users to more easily communicate with each other by telephone.
B, telephone headset brand choice
Call center this business model as exotic, its biggest two telephone headset manufacturers one is in California Plantronics (Plantronics), the other is a large in Copenhagen, Denmark Nordic (GN / Jabra).
As the world's second largest call center headset off producers from entering the Chinese market to date, almost grasp the entire mid-market, particularly in wireless, Bluetooth headset these high-end party with constantly introduce new products, major vendors in the industry.
As the chase step professional headset technology localization domestic manufacturers under the weight of international competitors gradually blaze a new trail. Cottle, Kang Date other brands of products to the advantage of inexpensive increasingly accepted and loved by users. Market share continued to grow, becoming a superb product.
Select brand is to enjoy the brand to bring high-quality products and after-sales service and reputation. Having said that you have a basic understanding of the major brands, the number of several heart of it.
C, how to choose a telephone headset?
1, if you are the office user, then you are prepared for a telephone line might just be it, you can consider the dial pad + phone headset combination.
2, if you are using a digital phone, congratulations to you, as long as the take off the handle, put on the headset can be used, and this is the most economical of the recommendation. You can buy a headset directly.
3, if you sometimes want to use the telephone, sometimes want to use the headset, in which case the adapter is the best choice, you can consider the handle / switch traffic headset (earphone adapter) + phone headset.
4, call center customers use more voice boards, voice boards are more species not reproduced here, the key depends on the voice interface card. RJ11 Interface Reference "dialpad + telephone headset" and "handle / switch traffic headset (earphone adapter) + telephone headset"; RJ09 Interface Reference "direct purchase a headset" purchase method. Under special circumstances, the more communication with the sales staff, we also offer a free trial service local users.
Purchase summary, call center headset may be some dazzling beginning, because of its highly professional, especially the first contact person will feel much optional stuff, prices vary greatly, a little impossible to start. In fact, if he is clear what type of user, your budget or select from your trusted brand in accordance to suit your product on it.