Heart care your working partners - headsets protection tips


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2015-04-01 17:37

What day and night to get along with the staff in the call center? What is intimate contact with a call center of attractive men and women who every day? What day is the work of health care support staff? It is ear marks.
Ear marks seem like much, but the communication between the customer and the customer service staff play a role not to be underestimated. How to protect the ear marks this important work partner, customer service staff should have the knowledge.
The following are the Jabra Jabra headsets in the process of dealing with the long-term, summed up some practical tips for your reference:
1, QD line treatment to be gentle. Damage caused by ear marks the first major factor is the pull cable excessive force, rather than gently separate QD line, it is easy to cause a short circuit.
2, use the release key QD line. Proper use of QD cable, you can extend the life of the cable. The correct way is: When disconnected, two hands holding both ends of QD plug, not just the cable section. Some QD cable with a release switch, they can remind you gently plug QD line, but they usually are mercilessly ignored when you distracted. Therefore, in need of repair, the release button will be particularly sad.
3, understand the value of ear marks. If the call center management to let their employees participate in the purchase headsets work, but also help to extend the ear marks of use, because in the purchase process, they understand the value in headsets, and will treat ear marks, But this is bound to increase procurement costs.
4. Always keep the ear marks as new. Most headsets manufacturers in order to protect the product, provide a protective sleeve for cortical or spongy ear marks. When a new employee joins, just give them a clean working environments, remember to use with headsets supplied accessories protective cover, so ear-Mark Hull.
5, so that employees can enjoy their democratic rights. Headsets generally have three different wearing styles - a headset, ear hanging, ear hook. Service personnel have the right to choose the most "working partners" who, when they exercise the option, they will be more care of their choice. Likewise, comfortable headsets will improve efficiency.
6, to maintain private use of headsets. Childhood education teachers are happy we want to share with others, but when people use headsets best not shared. For reasons of safety, health, manpower pair of headsets is more scientific and rational allocation, and each employee will be more dedicated to protect their ear marks.
7, ear-Mark is small, but also need attention. And computers, headsets is property of the company, but most people are more willing to treat computers, while ignoring the humble ear marks. Let the customer service staff to understand the value of assets ear marks, which are not cheap Oh, also need to be careful that we cherish.
8. Do not use alcohol to clean the ear marks. It does not mean that alcohol can not be used to reach ear marks, in fact, ear-Mark metal parts can use alcohol to clean. But all the experts will remind you of alcohol for plastic products is a big disaster, it will make headsets cable brittle and crack. We need to use spray cleaner with a soft cloth to wipe the ear-Mark regularly to remove remnants of cosmetics, sweat and dust.
9, away from food. Do not use the dining or drinking ear marks, please do not give ear marks mix in food Oh!
10. Do not put the cable is wound up. Some people would like to put the cable tightly intertwined, so it looks clean a lot, but it is a big mistake, it will shorten the life of the cable.
11. Do not put ear marks cables on the floor. Sometimes QD cable or connector may be the seat accidentally run over, causing damage. The correct way is: do not take the cable on the floor, while the seat and feet to avoid unintentional stampede, preferably using headsets accessory to help close the line, fixed headsets and cables.
12, to avoid headsets hot or cold. Extreme heat causes ear marks plastic material deformation, and the temperature is too low will cause the ear marks stiff and brittle. So be sure to use headsets and kept at a temperature suitable environment.
13, using a bag to store ear marks. The purchase of ear marks, packaging will be provided with a bag, which is used to store the ear marks. With this protective bag, do not worry about the other items in the drawer will oppress the ear marks, resulting in cable and ear marks arm broken.
14, to treat ear marks. Usually the ear marks hanging up, and not arbitrarily in a drawer, pull the cable brutally find it. Ear marks may be smaller than a cell phone or telephone, and therefore need to be more careful with it.
15, do not use brute force. Ear marks, while having flexibility, but there are irreversible part. If you want to adjust to a point of view, but found that it can not move, do not use brute force, think about other ways to adjust.
16, note gently. To protect the ear marks from harm, in the removal of ear marks when gently. Temporary not recommend the ear marks placed on a rack or hook, not only safe but also clean.
17, to develop good habits. Some people are accustomed to playing in the hands of ear marks spiral cable answer the phone, or pull the boom headsets. This is very easy to damage the boom and shorten the life of the ear marks.
18, treat the speaker as to protect the ear marks. Ear marks withstand unreasonable use, it should be treated like a home computer or speakers, as wary ear marks. If you take proper protective measures can be used throughout the year. However, if properly protected, it may damage the 90 days. Moreover, manufacturers also because of vandalism and refuse protection within maintenance.
19. Beware of static electricity. Static electricity everywhere. Because of the cold, dry, indoor heating intersect, electrostatic East more common. Telephone and headsets will not discharge any static electricity, a lot of equipment has taken static protection measures, but customer service can be electrostatically. Increase indoor humidity can reduce static electricity, since static electricity too much can damage electronic equipment.
20, regular replacement parts. Including ear pads, ear attachment plate, microphone sponge cover, microphone filter, etc., need frequent replacement. Some ear marks for repair, in fact, as long as clean microphone. Cosmetics, food debris, saliva may cause the sound duct blockage. Especially those who like heavy makeup and lipstick, or side edge wear headsets eating people need more frequent replacement of these parts.
21, be sure to use accessories. Service personnel often think to remove the filter, the ear pad will be more comfortable, but experts will remind you that is wrong. The filter can not only ensure clear voice, filtered breathing, you can also protect the microphone to avoid contact with moisture, food.
22, remember to replace the microphone after a cold filter. For more healthy, replace the microphone filter after a cold, because a certain temperature and humidity may activate the bacteria remain on the filter.
23, ready spare parts. Do not let the customer service staff use a damaged ear marks. Ready replacement parts, in order to quickly deal with unexpected incidents.
24, kept clean connection. Large connector may be oxidized or cause static electricity, resulting in poor contact. So at least once a week plug big plug to clean the surface. Periodically wipe the metal part with alcohol, use detergent to clean the cord can reduce the release of static electricity.
25, replace the batteries periodically. If the amplifier does not work, you may need to replace the battery. Remember to use the correct battery type Oh! Do not be small because of the large loss, since some of the issues often can be resolved if you replace the battery, rather than spend more money to repair.
26, carefully read the instructions. For detailed instructions on how you can use the right ear marks on the specification, to extend its service life.