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2015-04-01 17:35

Call centers originated in the civil aviation industry, mainly for the convenience to provide advisory services and deal with customer complaints service. Then AT & T launched the 800 reverse charge outbound call center, try to telemarketing. Since then, the call center began to rapidly develop in the world, and gradually formed a large-scale call center industry. Today in China, Midi collar communication with highly competitive communications technology, has provided professional call center solutions for large enterprises as a whole, we believe that a good call centers to be able to meet the needs of more companies, on how to make Call centers play to the best effect of this issue share the following suggestions.
1. Agent Workbench become Customer Interaction Center
Although there has been further integration between the 2014 call center and CRM system, but the company wants to truly intelligent agent desktop platforms, call centers need to do more. Technical experts meter collar communication that: the future of the greatest challenges facing the call center will be how to get closer to customers. Large data through intelligent mix, use a more meaningful context-sensitive information, so agents who have more insight Octavia interaction with customers.
2. Customer Center capabilities into the mobile client
As China's telecommunications technology experts, rice collar communications have foreseen professional mobile applications play a more important role in the service provider channel strategy in full. 2015 Customer service will be embedded directly in the mobile client application liaison function, such as online chat, callback, and instant messaging, to effectively provide for liaison channels similar to conventional virtual IVR functionality for those who love digital channels customers.
3. Online service become the dominant channel
2015 Internet chat channel representation will continue to grow in the year, based on this trend, as the Chinese call center leading total solution provider, Midi collar communication indicates that the network is based on an online interactive chat browser, customers can deliver real-time information through mobile applications.
4. Multi-time text analysis to reduce costs
Either from mobile applications, social media, online chat, e-mail, or virtual IVR channels to the information, many call centers are very concerned about a substantial increase in text-based information should be managed. More and more customers are through digital channels and business contact, but some companies are still information backlog, especially during busy periods, backlog information for up to 48 hours. The latest multi-text analytics solution can solve this problem, information from various sources 60% can be processed automatically, freeing up the time of the agent, allowing them to focus on more complex customer interaction problems.
5. broaden Customer Interaction Center
While stressing the value of call center customer experience, while digital technology has greatly helped customers, but in the provision of integrated services levels are still large room for optimization. 2015 meters leading technical experts to communicate hope to see more and more enterprises to establish their own integrated customer service platform, to actively embrace other key point of contact with customers, including field service, logistics and delivery capabilities.
Overall, China's call center industry forward towards a more mature stage, the business scope has extended and upgraded, more and more new technology, the introduction of new ideas to make the call center deployment methods and service models showing a more diversified development trend. Huge changes in the market environment for call center solution providers an enormous challenge, Midi collar communication trends keeping with the times, have always believed that behind the challenge must hold the same huge space for development, diversified development of the call center industry make business more flexible deployment scenarios, while some will facilitate the development of ICT suppliers roads and thinking become more broad.
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