Shenzhen he magnesium electronics co., ltd. Xuan:
Dealers and customers please note that at present, some operators in Shandong and Fujian have closed 2g networks, and will continue to close 2g networks in other regions. please pay attention to the network of sim card when you buy wireless fixed line in the later period. the telephone manufacturers who have sold the telephone will not be returned or returned. please know ( the following information is official notice )

1, as of December 2017, Ministry of industry and information technology official statistics China 2g users more than 300 million ( mobile 270 million telecom 30 million Unicom 5 million ).
2, 4g network coverage is not perfect. Especially T3 - T6 level market ( that is, the county to the township to the village mountain market ), and based on the characteristics of 4g penetration is not strong, poor anti-interference ability, even in the urban areas, high-rise buildings are weak ( this everyone will experience ).
3, mobile telecommunications in 2g operations above is profitable, and in addition to through 2g to realize the language call, mobile 3g TD - scdma, telecom 3g CDMA 200 is unable to realize the language call, so must keep 2g to guarantee the language call.
4, Unicom based on 2g user group is less, at a loss, and Unicom 3g WCDMA can realize language calls, so in order to stop loss, he put forward in July 2017 to the Ministry of industry and information technology closed 2g transferred to 3g to realize voice calls, pilot in 2017, 2018 to get promotion approval.
5, March 2018, after the two sessions, the Ministry of industry and information technology leadership to Shenzhen enterprise research, clear statement, 5g large-scale popularity before mobile 2g network will continue to undertake the function of language calls. 5g mass die cutting machine after 2021.
6, comprehensive appeal, mobile telecommunications will continue to maintain the development and maintenance of 2g, 3g, 4g optimization, 5g development direction.
7, in a nutshell, mobile telecommunications guarantee language calls can only be realized through 2g, 5g popularity before there is no other alternative, more impossible to shut down 2g.