Brand positioning: to create a traffic machine industry first brand;
Combined magnesium belief: no best, only better; first man, and then do things;
Magnesium commitment: product quality, service quality, price concessions;
Magnesium goal: to make the magnesium traffic machine to become the industry benchmark;
Magnesium alloy strategy: technology, products, service business conduct;
Quality objective: quality first, customer first, win-win sharing;
Cultural purposes: integrity, pragmatic, innovative, win-win;
Service purpose: to provide the perfect service, the sale of high quality products, to create first-class brand;
Service standards: warm, thoughtful, fast, accurate, safe;
Management objectives: to gather all the staff of the company to provide a full range of services to customers, to create a first-class brand of Chinese traffic.
HoRme ✈ enterprise mission
In the face of fierce market competition, we have an open mind to learn, learn from the essence, to first-class products and quality services in the challenges ahead; we have strict and efficient management mode, to create a quality excellence enterprise, continuous innovation, steady forward, sustainable development.
HoRme ✈ corporate positioning
Business brand: since its inception, has been focused on business performance, quality and other aspects of the market at home and abroad with a competitive quality brand products.
Quality standards: magnesium and magnesium adherence to the "quality of survival" principle, adhere to the selection of products through international product certification and international quality system certification, to ensure that the provision of high quality products.
Market wide: magnesium and magnesium to actively expand the national market sales network. Our customers are not only in the domestic provinces and cities and regions, but also has many foreign customers.
Service comprehensive: magnesium has consistently carried out the business philosophy of "product quality, preferential policies, service quality". In the pre-sale, sale, after sale and all aspects, to provide users with a full range, multi - level and quick and thoughtful service. Provide a strong guarantee for the timely delivery of customers.
HoRme ✈ core values
To customer needs as a guide, to think of customers, customers need to take the initiative to help customers solve problems; to create a new service model, good products and services, to help customers continue to create new competitive advantage, to win customer loyalty, so as to establish long-term cooperative partnership.
♥focus on the customer: always stand on the customer point of view, active mining customer demand, continuously exceed customer expectations.
♥A quick response to a question: never give a clear reply delay, for the first time.
♥We treat customers: be consistent from beginning to end, be consistent from beginning to end any time never quarrel with customers.