Shenzhen Horme Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, we have been committed to corded phones, cordless phones, business phone, hotel phone, private phone, GSM mobile phone, headset, and other customer service communications terminal products research, development, production , Sales. Now we focus on technology research and development of new products, in order to open up communications broader space for development.
Horme communications products to high-tech and advanced technology, sound management is unique in the industry. Phone headset is more extensive product model, innovative designs and enduring quality charm deeply won the favor of consumers. Horme traffic telephone is call center headset industry is a dark horse, with that quick gesture ahead of the market quickly, based on the results of market research statistics show, Horme telephone traffic since 2013 the market share has been stable industry first .
Horme has a complete development platform, and the whole unit circuit hardware design capabilities, based on chip-level and protocol stack software development capabilities, high-precision automated production lines, sophisticated traffic telephone test equipment and facilities, can provide higher quality and more enduring appeal of the operator headphones and other products.
At the same time, Horme headset phone even based independent research and development, science and technology in recent years become the call center project with electronic communication technology development strength, the introduction of sophisticated telephone headset testing instruments and equipment, and working with professional communications chip company, and constantly improve Communication product development platform, Horme furthered based chipset and protocol stack software development capabilities, continued technological innovation, and ensure the new products emerging attendant experience.
Insist on independent research and development technology strategy, Horme successfully achieved a unique, favorable differential advantage. Professional brand service network, stable and guaranteed quality of service. And all of this, it is aggressive, responsible integration achievements Horme a popular after-sales support staff, excellent professionals and equipment to provide quality service to become a powerful consumer protection.
This era full of opportunities and challenges, the surging tide of the Internet to bring intelligence and broad business outlook, our product forms, business model, management philosophy, organizational structure and so on procedures and standardization, information technology, network management, Horme product by means of a dedicated service network known Chinese have toward regional markets, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia, Europe and other international markets. Our products are widely used in telecommunications services, financial consulting, television shopping, command centers, logistics and customer service center switchboard operator and so on. Telephone counseling, telephone surveys, telemarketing and other business primary elections brands.
The company will uphold useful, practical, easy to use, enough principle, continue development and production of electronic products, and continuously improve product quality, and constantly improve high-tech products, improve service quality, to further explore the market, to provide users with more more and better products and services. 
The company's "quality of survival, technology and development to management for efficiency, to serve the market" business philosophy, create a world-class communication telephone headset, to keep the traffic Horme traffic headset phone industry production and sales first a brand.